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BlueKey grows with
your needs

Discover unparalleled versatility with our software versions: each one is meticulously designed to cater to your needs.

BlueKey® - maritime shipping platform optimization


From the robust and easily adoptable Link version, ideal for foundational tasks, to the Navigator tier, offering advanced integration for fast and efficient work

BlueKey® - connection efficiency platform

The Link Tier:
Your Robust Digital Foundation

Embark on your digital journey with The Link, the foundational tier designed for organizations taking their initial steps into digital transformation. This robust platform stands out with its high security, performance, and flexibility, providing a solid base upon which your maritime operations can rely. While it offers limited integrations and a more basic approach to task automation, The Link is far from rudimentary. It's a powerful launchpad, perfect for those seeking clarity and direction in their digital path. And when you're ready to expand your digital horizons, The Link is fully scalable, ensuring a seamless transition to the advanced capabilities of The Navigator or The Architect tiers.

BlueKey® -  get direction on efficiency

The Navigator Tier:
Steering Your Digital Course

For ambitious companies on the cusp of achieving excellence in digital innovation, The Navigator tier offers the guidance and advanced tools needed to steer your course with confidence. Building on the solid foundation of The Link, The Navigator introduces an array of customized features and solutions, tailored to fit the unique contours of your maritime operations. This tier is ideal for those who have charted their digital course but seek a partner to navigate the complex waters of integration and bespoke functionality. With The Navigator, you gain not just a platform, but a partnership – one that understands the nuances of your journey and equips you with the tools to sail ahead with precision and foresight.

BlueKey® - personalised shipping platform

The Architect Tier:
Constructing Your Digital Empire

At the pinnacle of our offerings stands The Architect, an enterprise solution where the only limit is your ambition. Tailored for large organizations seeking a partner as agile and fast-paced as they are, The Architect tier is synonymous with limitless possibilities. Here, your vision takes the helm, guiding the construction of a bespoke digital solution that resonates with every nuance of your operational needs and strategic aspirations. The Architect is more than a platform; it's a commitment to excellence, an agile ally ready to transform your boldest digital dreams into tangible realities. With The Architect, your organization isn't just adapting to the future; you're actively constructing it.

Your potential, our technology, endless possibilities.  

Each Tier allows for a different degree of customization: unlock tailor-made excellence with our flexible software packages.

Choose from an expanding suite of standard integrations, all available at no extra cost, or let us craft bespoke solutions to meet your unique needs. 

An example of how the platform could look like with some of the standard integrations we offer? Play the video!

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