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BlueKey is a leading provider of customizable software solutions for the maritime industry, empowering stakeholders to optimize shipping operations by aggregating internal and external data sources, streamlining processes, and enhancing decision-making through innovative visualization tools. 

Software solution maritime industry, optimization

What do
we do?

We help you “Navigating Tomorrow, Today”

BlueKey empowers you to 

  • optimize resources 

  • increase productivity 

  • reduce CO2 emissions 

  • making data-driven decisions 


What do we provide? 

Smart software solutions for the maritime sector. Our software empowers your company by unifying internal and external data sources into an intuitive and customizable platform. BlueKey offers you the assurance, agility, and adaptability you need through three different product packages, each with a different degree of personalization depending on your needs. 


How do we provide it?  

Combining deep industry insights with cutting-edge software solutions, relying on more than two decades of dedicated service to the maritime sector and technical software engineering domain.  


Why BlueKey? 

Our commitment is to deliver high-performance and high-quality products, engaging with you in the digitalization process from the initial consultancy to the final feedback and further.  

Customized Shipping Platform

A BlueKey platform is designed with a customized user interface. Forget 'one-size-fits-all'; a personalized approach ensures that the interface caters specifically to the unique workflows and needs of your team, promoting higher engagement, reducing training time, and increasing overall productivity.

"BlueKey delivers an exceptional Product and Services to Maritime Shipping professionals around the world"

Interface of BlueKey® platform
BlueKey® - artificial intelligence saving time

Real time updates
on every device

BlueKey® - platform for maritime shipping optimisation

Increase efficiency up to 


Automate and save time

By automating tedious and repetitive tasks, you can significantly enhance your team's efficiency, liberating them from mundane work and allowing them to redirect their efforts towards more strategic, high-impact activities.


As a result, your team can dedicate more time to innovation, problem-solving, and other crucial aspects that drive growth and improve overall business performance.

Artificial Intelligence

At Bluekey we understand that data is at the core of your business. Use state of the art AI solutions to further take the power of data to your advantage.

We help set up machine learning solutions, design efficient algorithms, and ensure reliable outcomes.

Software solution maritime industry, optimization


When bespoke excellence is the expectation - we deliver beyond.

At BlueKey, we leverage the power of Agile Development to ensure your project moves swiftly from the green light to the first live feature and beyond.

Our agile methodology is all about delivering value quickly, and we pride ourselves on our ability to transform ideas into reality within the shortest timeframe possible. From the moment we receive the green light, we hit the ground running.

BlueKey® -  maritime shipping optimisation through ai

BlueKey In Numbers










Driving the change in the way shipping will be done

Led by a seasoned shipping expert with 20 years of industry experience, seamlessly combines traditional shipping wisdom with innovative technology.

Our agile approach in developing tools simplifies, automates, and enhances transparency in shipping processes.


Having spearheaded significant roles in international firms, our leadership brings a unique mix of international trade, operations management, and multilingual skills, all dedicated to guiding customers through their digital transformation in the shipping sector.


We’re looking for innovative talent to join our team. See all positions and submit your CV.


GMT+/-2 timezone

Seeking an Artificial Intelligence Researcher to innovate and develop AI-driven solutions, specifically tailored to enhance efficiency and decision-making in the maritime shipping industry.

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