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Noon Report Assistant

Introducing the Noon Report Assistant, your Operations Manager's new ally in streamlining daily communications with vessel Captains.

Noon Report Assistant

This product will assist the Operations Manager in the daily communication with the Captain onboard the vessel. When applied, the ‘Noon Report Assistant’ will read the noon reports from the Vessel and cross check all information.

Does the consumption make sense compared to the speed and distance travelled? 

Is the ETA correct? Etc…

If there is a discrepancy, the Noon Report Assistant will draft a message to the Captain, which the Operations Manager can decide to send, edit or discard.

But most importantly, the Noon Report Assistant will log all data, structure it and make it ready for Analysis, so you are able to get a deep insight into the vessels performance and create the necessary reporting.

Moreover the Noon Report Assistant is able to feed the logged data into any other system you want. This being ERP systems, reporting systems or as simple text or a spreadsheet.

Expected launch: Q2 2024

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